Akademy 2017 in Almería, Spain: Wrap-up

Akademy, KDE’s annual developer conference, is over — and as always, it was a great experience! Thanks a lot to the local organization team, and of course to all the nice people attending and discussing things.

A sequence of workshops writing their topic onto the blackboard, each replacing the previous one.

Akademy is typically a mix of hacking, visiting workshops and talks, and socializing with other KDE people. In the KDevelop workshop for example, we discussed about the future of the project — which issues there currently are which make our users life worse, what new features we are looking into implementing, and some administrative stuff (merging repoistories, etc). What was nice here was that we had some actual long-term users outside of the development team in the room which shared their experiences and issues.

On the hacking side, I worked on multicursor support in kate for a while, and fixed a few minor issues in KDevelop. The most significant coding result for me, as sad as this sounds, is probably this tiny trivial patch which makes C++ code completion a huge lot faster in many situations — it will be in KDevelop 5.2, which we plan to release soon-ish™.

And, last but not least, it was of course great to meet all the contributors to KDevelop and Kate once more; old and new faces alike!

That’s it for now! See you next year at Akademy in Vienna, everyone?

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