Month: January 2013

Announcement: KDE 4.10 Release Party in Karlsruhe, Fr 8th February 2013

Important: The location of the event has changed! See below for details. I’m really sorry, I hope this change reaches everybody in time! The KDE 4.10 release is near, and since Lydia Pintscher moved to Berlin 🙁 there have not been any more release parties! This state is unacceptable and needs to be changed. Thus: There will be a KDE 4.10 release party in Karlsruhe, Germany, on Friday, the 8th […]

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RF microstrip breadboard

Have you ever seen such weird structures in a device you disassembled (or on images of such a device)? Well, I have, and I always wanted to know what they do and how they work. There’s simulation tools, even free (as in beer) ones, but I usually do not trust simulation tools unless I have verified a few of their results in reality (not because I think the guys who […]

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Directional Coupler tests

A directional coupler is a device used in radio frequency (RF) circuits and measurement devices. Its effect is quite simple: you can picture an (ideal, 3-port, 20dB) directional coupler as a little grey box with three plugs labeled “IN”, “OUT”, and “COUPLED”. If you feed a RF signal (imagine a 200MHz sine wave) into the IN port, then 99% of that signal will be available at OUT, and 1% be […]

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