Month: June 2016

Randa sprint wrap-up and considerations on packaging complex applications with AppImage

On Sunday, this year’s KDE sprint in Randa, Switzerland came to an end and I am now back home. It was a productive and fun week, as always when meeting the other KDE folks. I spent a lot of time on polishing things and fixing small issues mostly in KDevelop, such as: reduce flickering of the completion widget in kdevelop fix various cases where KDevelop’s navigation widget (see above) would […]

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KDevelop 5.0 standalone executable for Linux

I am currently at the KDE sprint in Randa, Switzerland. There are about 40 nice people here, working on making KDE software awesome. This year’s focus is on deploying our software more nicely — on Windows and OS X, but on Linux as well. Especially for user-faced applications like KDevelop, it really makes a big difference whether you use today’s version, or the one from two years ago. Many people […]

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