Month: October 2012

Vienna kdev/kate sprint: kdevelop settings dialog and changes to kdev-python

In an effort to improve the overall quality of KDevelop’s user interface, Aleix and I polished the settings dialog of KDevelop. Since the Kate guys challenged us by showcasing their “awesome” gimp skills, I feel like I have to do that too: Comparison between the old and the new configuration dialog in KDevelop  There wasn’t really any changes to functionality, it’s just supposed to look better and be more understandable. […]

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Vienna kdev/kate sprint: First kdev-python beta release and python3 support

This is the third day of the KDevelop / kate sprint in Vienna, and it’s really fun and productive so far! There’s several new things related to kdev-python which I’d like to write something about. Beta release First of all, there’s a first official beta release of the python plugin, which is to be used with the (new) 4.4 (resp. 1.4) stable versions of kdevelop / kdevplatform! You can download […]

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