Vienna kdev/kate sprint: First kdev-python beta release and python3 support

This is the third day of the KDevelop / kate sprint in Vienna, and it’s really fun and productive so far! There’s several new things related to kdev-python which I’d like to write something about.

Beta release

First of all, there’s a first official beta release of the python plugin, which is to be used with the (new) 4.4 (resp. 1.4) stable versions of kdevelop / kdevplatform! You can download the tarball here.
If you find any bugs, please report them here.
Please select “1.3.80” as the version.
I already was made aware of one more crash bug which is still in that release; that’s fixed upstream (in the “1.4” branch).

Tuple type support

A notable new feature which was introduced recently is support for tuple types:

Tuple type support in kdev-python

There’s still a few things missing for full-featured support, but the basic thing is there.

Python 3 support

I’m currently working on Python 3 support, if you want to try it out, check the “python3” branch. Be aware that it’s very broken currently, tough (it will probably crash halfway through parsing your project). However, I’m hoping to get it into a somewhat usable state until the end of the sprint, so stay tuned!
(the above screenshot is already running the python3 version by the way)

Launch configuration dialog

Aleix and I (well, mainly Aleix) spent quite a bit of time on improving the launch configuration dialog, making it a lot easier to use and more visually appealing. It’s not perfect yet, and there’s a few bugs left, but it’s far better than before (“yes, it’s worth recompiling kdevplatform”).

Improved Launch configuration dialog in kdevplatform master

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  1. Nice progress, thanks for it! BTW, you rock, Sven. 🙂

  2. I use kdevelop-python almost daily and it is excellent, thank you very much for your work 🙂

    My only wish is that using an environment variable to allow support for Django is not very discoverable… How about a setting for that ?

  3. Thanks for your comments, I'm happy that there's people actually using this 🙂

    The environment variable for supporting django should not actually be necessary… it's only required if django is not installed in your system's default python interpreter's include directories. A possible reason for this is that "python" is python3 on your system. Hopefully with the python3 version of this plugin and django that problem will be solved automatically 🙁

    I'm not sure about the settings dialog… it currently just uses the official python thing, which happens to be an environment variable. I don't want to make that configurable, so there would need to be a new way… I'll think about it. Thanks for the suggestion tough!


  4. Good post! now I want to learn how to use this in my works!

  5. Is there a time line on when this will be available as a part of the regular KDevelop package?

    • It is unlikely that it will be integrated into the core KDevelop package, since that has not been done for any language support plugin so far (except c++, of course). There will be a stable release soon tough, and then binary packages should start popping up; you can just install those in addition to KDevelop and it should work.


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