kdev-python on Windows: try it!

I spent the last two or three days playing around with KDE on Windows, with the aim of getting my Python language plugin for KDevelop to run there. In the end, it wasn’t that hard to get this to work — not as hard as I would have expected it to be, anyways. Several things needed to be fixed in kdev-python, the build system required a bit of tickling, but finally I produced an installer for KDevelop 4.90.92 which contains kdev-python:

http://files.svenbrauch.de/kdevelop-x86-setup-4.90.92.exe (SHA256: aa12f8b695c391b5b51fbba112d1ea3d10e9f032262cb8181be634387cd75fcc)

(Update: I’ll put future updates to the installer into http://files.svenbrauch.de/kdevelop-windows, look there for news; I won’t update the link in the post every time)

Don’t consider this a beta release or something. It’s just the current state of things.

You can just run this installer, launch KDevelop, and it should all work. To get completion for the Python standard libary, you need to have a Python interpreter (e.g. from python.org) installed and in your PATH before you start KDevelop. The kdev-python debugger currently does not work (or actually it does work, but the toolbar to control it is missing *grin*). Also it’s probably all a bit slow, because I built some components in debug mode … I think.

Note that KDevelop on windows still has a few quirks, and kdev-python on windows probably has a few extra quirks on its own, so don’t expect this to be too stable. That said, I loaded large amounts of code into it and it didn’t crash and seemed to work just fine.

Here’s a few screenshots:


Code completion


Outline view


Run program (make sure to have python.exe in your PATH or provide the full path to the python interpreter in the “Configure launches” dialog)


variable tooltips

Let me know if this works for you, or what problems you encounter.

Kudos to Kevin Funk for doing lots of work on KDevelop on Windows and helping me set this up!

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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that :
    1. This is great that you and Kevin are doing this 🙂
    2. Works great so far !
    3. Any chance of getting an x86_64 version ?

    KDevelop is by far my preferred IDE for Python, it’s great that I can also use it now at work where I have no choice but using Windows (meh…)

    • Cool, nice to hear!
      Sorry, no idea about x86_64. I’d have to try if it builds and works and what needs to be fixed (if anything). It will certainly happen at some point. Why do you need it, does the x86 version use that much memory? 🙂

      • Nope, x86 version is perfectly fine, I just like my system to be consistent 🙂

        That being said, I now have a crash when starting kdevelop while it was working perfectly until a few days ago : it complains about ms-win32-file-l1.2.0.dll (more or less, I type this from linux). Is this something provided by the kdevelop installer, or is something wrong elsewhere on my system ?

        Thanks again 🙂

        • Try reinstalling the MS VS C++ 2015 redistributable. If that doesn’t fix it, I have absolutely no idea 😉
          But I guess something about your system changed which broke it, so I don’t think I can do anything about it …

  2. Hi !
    Sorry to ask an unrelated question:
    I’m looking for help setting up Kdev-python debug in Kdevelop 4.7.3 in Ubuntu GNOME.
    Google just gives NO answer.
    I apt-got the latest Kdevelop and the kdev-python package (I have only one in my repos), and I created a new python project, where I opened a py script of my own.
    I created a New Script Application Launcher and then pressed F9, but no luck, it says that “The current launch configuration does not support ‘debug’ mode”.
    I’m writing here because you had a post about this some time ago 🙂
    Thanks !

  3. Thanks !
    By the way this is the link to this post 😉
    But no prob, I definitely found the forum on Google.

    “Python Debugger (pdb) Support” is listed in the Loaded modules… Any idea ?
    Or should I follow-up in the forums ?

  4. Is there any chance to run it on Windows XP (x86) ? Installation is ok, but won’t start . I’ve tried on real and virtual OS – not working. Is there support for XP ?

    • Sorry, unless it “just works” I’m afraid we don’t have the ressources to look into that at the moment — we barely have the ressources to get it to work on 7 and up :/

  5. What is debugger support status now? I don’t see the menu items (Step, Toggle breakpoint) on 5.0.3.

  6. Just read about Py support in KDev bout 48 hours ago and tried it out with a few stubs I was messing with and everything ran as expected. Tried a few “broken” stubs too and the debugging results were consistent so KDev is PyFriendly; all done in Windows 10 64bit Professional with the latest O.S. build –will try KDev out in all its glory after the Creator’s Update.

    Am very pleased with KDev for Windows thus and have adopted it as my new PyIde. Code completion and squiggly, on-the-fly syntax checking is excellent already, so there you go! I likes it a lot!!!

    • Cool, glad you like it! If you run into any problems on Windows, please let us know, we still don’t have a lot of real-world testing coverage there.

  7. Bonjour Sven
    Thanks for all the contents of your page.
    WIN 7 PRO SP1 : I have installed the latest version of KDEvelop 5.2.1 64Bits from the site using their setup file kdevelop-5.2.1-x64-setup. >> Is running well
    My goal is to have PYTHON V3 running in the environment.
    What would be the best way to install it.
    I downloaded the kdev-python-v1.7.3-py3.tar.xz file.
    What should i do now to include the PYTHON language.
    Thanks for your answer

    • Nothing — the Python v3 language plugin is included in the Windows installer. It should just work. You only need to install Python 3 from python.org.


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