kdev-python update: version 1.5.2 released

I’m happy to announce the availability of a second stabilization update for the 1.5 series of kdev-python, the Python language support plugin for the KDevelop development environment. See the 1.5 announcement for more information.

kdev-python version 1.5.2

The kdev-python 1.5 series is compatible with KDevelop 4.5 (kdevplatform 1.5) and is suitable for working with Python 2.x source code.
If you’re only interested in using (as opposed to packaging or developing) kdev-python, you should consider installing kdev-python from your distribution’s package manager instead of downloading the source code.
kdev-python running in KDevelop master

Changes in this release (relative to 1.5.1):

  • Fix a bug which led to the PEP8 checker running on non-python files in some cases
  • Properly support unicode docstrings (thanks to Alexandr Zamaraev)
  • Fix a crash in code completion which happened in some rare cases
  • Fix a crash which could happen when a list comprehension was used as the default value for a function parameter

This is a small update containing only the above 4 bug fixes; all users are urged to switch to the new version as soon as it becomes available in their distribution.

There will be a larger update containing various cool new features in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

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  1. I really appreciate all the work you've done on this.

    Unfortunately it isn't in the Fedora repos yet. I've talked to the people who package stuff about it and asked if I could help. They said I'd probably need to start with something existing and pointed me at the documentation. Seeing what is involved in maintaining a package for Fedora I doubt I'll have time, unfortunately. So I have been compiling.

    Unfortunately when I compile it doesn't work for me. Is there a place you would prefer that I discuss the situation? I saw a video made by some developers and they talked about how much they dislike people bringing up bugs or issues (I don't know that this is a bug – I'm not knowledgable enough to make that call) in their blog.

    I want to help myself by addressing this in the best way, so please let me know the preferred avenue.

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi!

      Yes, I think in Fedora the problem is that I have as of today still this fork of Python inside the repository, which the Fedora people understandably didn't like. This issue will be resolved in Q1/2014 when Python 3.4 is released and I can drop the fork. For what I understood, the Fedora people will probably not package it before that happens.

      When you compile kdev-python yourself, make sure you:
      * pass a proper -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX= to cmake, e.g. /home/user/install
      * add that path to your KDEDIRS, i.e. export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIRS:/home/user/install
      * after that, re-run kbuildsycoca4
      * are building either kdev-python master against kdevplatform master, or kdev-python 1.5 against kdevplatform 1.5, but not mixing the two.

      If that doesn't suffice, feel free to ping me in #kdevelop about it, I'm there quite often (just mention kdev-python and I'll see it).


  2. Perfect!


    I pulled up apper to see where files were located for the php plugin. They are in /usr/lib64.., /usr/share/… and so on. When I was compiling it was putting things in /usr/local/lib64…, /usr/local/share/… and so on.

    So instead of just cmake .. I ran cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..

    Then I ran kbuildsycoca4 and started up KDevelop. Now I see the Python plugin listed in the loaded plugins and the Python options are available in the new project menu.

    Thank you so much for your quick response, patience and guidance. I learned some useful new things today.

  3. # Fedora 20
    tar xf kdev-python-v1.5.2.tar.xz
    cd kdev-python-v1.5.2/
    sudo yum install kdevplatform.x86_64 kdevplatform-devel.x86_64 kdevelop-pg-qt-devel.x86_64 kdevelop-devel.x86_64
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..
    make parser
    sudo make install

  4. not sure if I succeeded in the previous post about the huge cache file caused by kdev-python. It makes kdev un-usable, since it keeps reading/writing cache file and the user have to wait for 10seconds after very key stroke. The cache file is ~/.cache/kdevduchain/{xxxx}/0/Type Repository, which is 4GB with kdev-python enabled, but is pretty small without kdev-python.

    • With kdev-python enabled, kdevelop consumes 8GB swap/virtual memory, which slows down my entire system. Now I removed kdev-python, and the swap consumption is reduced by 4GB. I'm working on a c-python mixed project, with only tens of python files currently.

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