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21cm HI telescope: first results

During the last days, I had the chance to record some radio astronomy data with my 1.4 GHz telescope. The receiver system is more or less unchanged compared to what I described in the last post, except that I have pretty versions of the amplifier and filter boards now: For the measurements I performed until now, I only used a small biquad antenna without parabolic reflector. The collecting area is […]

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Radio Interferometer: status update

As you probably do not know, I’m currently trying to build a semi-digital radio interferometer at 408MHz, for astronomy. I played around a bit with patch antennas, and did some very basic “interferometry” tests with them. Some extremely bad tinfoil patch antennas being used for “interferometry” Basic idea of how this interferometer could work The plan for this telescope goes something like this: There’s an arbitrary number of antennas (the […]

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