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kdevelop-python for python 3: beta release

Good news: Python 3.4 is about to be released, and with it kdevelop-python’s first version to support Python 3. Until that happens in a few days, here’s a beta: kdev-python version 1.5.80-py3 http://download.kde.org/unstable/kdevelop/kdev-python/1.5.80/src/kdev-python-1.5.80-py3.tar.xz.mirrorlist SHA256:99ca1ce97e2a7e553051be7505c17a921ab1aaf318999826ea285f771bcc538a The kdev-python 1.6-py3 series is compatible with KDevelop 4.6 (kdevplatform 1.6) and is suitable for working with Python 3.x source code. If you’re only interested in using (as opposed to packaging or developing) kdev-python, you should […]

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kdev-python 1.4 stable released!

I’m happy to announce the release of the first stable version of kdev-python, version 1.4! As this is the first stable release, this post is supposed to be an overview about what kdev-python actually does. KDevelop with kdev-python 1.4 First of all, kdev-python is a plugin for KDevelop. Its purpose is to make development of python applications more convenient. The main focus of the program is static analysis of source […]

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kdev-python beta 2 released!

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of the second beta version of kdev-python, the python language plugin for KDevelop! You can download the sources from kde.org; those can be compiled against KDevelop 4.4 (which is the current stable version). Changes over the first beta release include: Two crash bugs fixed Fix a bug in parse priority things (it did sometimes cause documents not to be reparsed after a dependency […]

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