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About Python 3 support in kdev_python

Just a quick note about Python 3 support in the kdevelop python plugin: I will switch over to supporting Python 3 language features as soon as there’s a release of the Django web framework using Python 3 (as this plugin was originally intended for developing Django applications, this seems like a reasonable point in time to me). Most (all?) of the (syntactic) features Python 3 has so far are in […]

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kdev-python: Argument type guessing, advanced list content type support and more

It has been a while since my last post about kdev-python, the python language support plugin for KDevelop; I have been quite busy recently. Neverthereless, I got quite a few cool features (almost) finished now. First, there’s support for argument type guessing. So whenever you call a function, KDevelop will try to find out the type of the parameters you passed, and add them to the possible types for that […]

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Basic List content type support in KDevelop-Python

Hey, after dealing with a few difficult problems, I finally got a first prototype of the “list content type support” implemented: Doesn’t look very impressive? It isn’t, yet. But: The plugin now tracks which kind of data a list contains, and when accessing the list in one or another way, it uses that information to guess the type of the resulting objects. This is not very advanced yet, but it […]

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