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kdev-python: GHNS support for documentation data

Finally, after a few days of difficult work, it’s here: the prototype for kdev-python’s new GHNS support for documentation data! kdev-python now has its own settings module providing GHNS support Technology I don’t want to go into detail here (I’m a bit sick of this stuff currently *grin*), but the OCS backend is written by me and running on my own server currently, for testing purposes. It’s python2 / django […]

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GetHotNewStuff (GHNS) support with a custom server and OCS rant

For up- and downloading documentation files in kdev-python, I wanted to implement support for the KDE GHNS dialog (you know, this thing). In addition to a good GUI dialog which makes it easy for people to generate raw versions of docfiles and edit them a bit, this could be quite effective in supporting binary python modules correctly in the IDE. Sounds easy enough to do, right? The widgets are there… […]

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