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Homemade 10 Mbit/s Laser / optical Ethernet transceiver

Today’s network backbones don’t use copper wires any more — they use lasers to transmit information. The laser light usually propagates in a fiber, but while convenient, this isn’t strictly necessary; you can also send the laser light through the air in a collimated beam, like an ordinary laser pointer. Because this sounds cool, I thought I could build something like that. Here’s the prototype: Concept For simplicity, I decided […]

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21cm hydrogen line telescope, version 2

Much has happened since my last status report on my attempts to observe the galactic hydrogen emission at the famous 1420.4 MHz hyperfine structure line. Now, the new setup is finally proven to be basically working, and in this post I want to describe some of the changes I did. New data acquisition module Most importantly, I replaced the spectrum analyzer by a self-made data acquisition unit which is basically […]

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